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New laws to boost investment climate in Oman
The new Foreign Capital Investment Law will open new avenues for investment in the sultanate. This law will be complemented by the Law on Partnership Between Public and Private Sectors and setting up of the Public Authority for Privatisation and Partnership.
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19.08.2019 United Arab Emirates
UAE equities offer best value proposition in the GCC, EFG Hermes says
Dubai and Abu Dhabi listed equities offer the most attractive proposition, making the UAE the “preferred investable market” in the GCC for those seeking value, according to investment bank EFG-Hermes.
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14.08.2019 United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia relaxes ownership limits for foreign investors
Saudi Arabia has relaxed a 49 per cent limit for foreign strategic investors in shares of listed companies, aiming to attract billions of dollars of foreign funds as the kingdom opens up the region’s largest bourse to a more diverse investor base.
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07.08.2019 United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi reveals nine new initiatives to boost the private sector
The Abu Dhabi Government has announced nine new initiatives to boost development in the private sector, including the granting of an instant business licences and access to loans for SMEs.
The initiatives come as part of the emirate’s Abu Dhabi’s accelerator programme, Ghadan 21, which aims to ease doing business in Abu Dhabi.
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04.08.2019 United Arab Emirates
New UAE work permit rule: Employers can now hire males on family sponsorship
Abu Dhabi:The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, MoHRE, has begun issuing work permits for employers wishing to recruit eligible male workers sponsored by their families.
The move is in implementation of a resolution issued recently by Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation ..
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31.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi road tolls: everything you need to know
A new road charge will be rolled out in Abu Dhabi in October, transport officials have confirmed.
Four tollgates will be placed at bridges in the capital as part of an effort to slash levels of congestion and encourage people to use more environmentally-friendly forms of transport.
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28.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Department of Energy to provide instant licensing services
The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority will provide instant licensing services through the emirate's government system 'Tamm' as the capital seeks to increase the ease of doing business. Eligible businesses in Abu Dhabi will receive free two-year licences, which will be issued within one working day, the department said on Saturday. Read article...
28.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
Those outside UAE can now apply for 6-month, multiple-entry visit visa
People staying outside the UAE can apply for the country's six-month multiple-entry visa, an official from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) has said. outstanding students can apply for the visa via the FAIC's online channels.
This type of visa is for those looking to obtain the UAE's long-term visas of up to 10 years. Read article...
25.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
UAE reduces, cancels fees for over 1,500 govt services
The Ministry of Finance, MoF, revealed on Thursday that over 1,500 federal government services fees will either be reduced or cancelled.
This latest move follows the Cabinet decision issued on the reduction and cancellation of fees for the services of some federal entities, which took effect on July 1, 2019. Read article...
16.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
UAE ministry cuts work permit fees by 50% to 94%
Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has started reducing fees for 145 services and transactions — with anywhere from 50 to 94 per cent fee reductions — it was announced on Wednesday. Read article...
16.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
New expat family sponsorship rule in UAE takes effect
Abu Dhabi: Now any resident in the country earning Dh4,000 without accommodation or Dh3,000 with company-provided accommodation can sponsor his family in the UAE, the Federal Authority for Identity and Emiratisation announced on Sunday. Read article...
16.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
UAE to overhaul maritime laws to protect sailors and allow foreign ownership
The UAE will introduce rules to allow 100 percent foreign ownership of maritime companies, clamp down on ghost ships in its waters and protect abandoned sailors. The tough new measures, revealed on Sunday, are part of the UAE’s draft maritime law that is set to come into force by early next year. Read article...
09.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
No one has the right to insult you in UAE
You may initiate a criminal complaint against the person who used abusive language against you and other employees. At my workplace, we have a senior manager who swears at us during meetings when he is disappointed. I understand that our work is very stressful, but does that give him the right to insult his colleagues? Read article...
04.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
100% foreign ownership in 122 UAE economic activities
Abu Dhabi: The UAE Cabinet, chaired by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has approved the sectors and economic activities eligible for up to 100 per cent foreign ownership in the UAE. Read article...
04.07.2019 United Arab Emirates
New Dubai employment law for DIFC issued
Newly-enacted DIFC Employment Law compliments best practices at financial hub, In his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, enacted Law No. 2 of 2019 on Wednesday. Read article...
16.06.2019 United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia approves special privilege residency law for foreigners
The green card style system aims to attract wealthy and highly-skilled individuals, The Saudi cabinet on Tuesday approved the new "privileged iqama" system, which will offer wealthy and highly skilled expatriates residency visas without a local sponsor or employer, the Saudi Press Agency said. The Council of Ministers, chaired by King Salman in Jeddah, gave the green light to the scheme Read article...
19.05.2019 Saudi Arabia
UAE receives 6,000 long-term visa applications from entrepreneurs and investors
The UAE Government received about 6,000 applications for long-term visas from investors and entrepreneurs after starting to issue five-year terms at the start of the month. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) said in an Instagram post on Wednesday that the surge in applications came “during the first week of its announcement to start receiving long-term residency applications” Read article...
16.05.2019 United Arab Emirates
US judges to preside over cases at Abu Dhabi court
American judges will soon preside over cases heard in Abu Dhabi courts for the first time in the capital’s history. Colleen O’Toole, 58, and Oran Whiting, 57, were sworn in for duty last week and will hear cases at Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s commercial court. The pair will work in the major chamber Commercial Court of First Instance, where they will pass judgments on disputes with values of over one million dirhams. Read article...
13.05.2019 United Arab Emirates
ATTN: A New Law Now Means Getting Your Alcohol License Is Easier Than Ever
As you all may know, it is an offence and a violation to purchase, transport, and keep alcohol, as a resident in Dubai without a valid alcohol license. The laws about drinking liquor in Dubai are pretty straightforward, justified and fair. After all, we've all chosen to come and live in this beautiful city, and in a Muslim country- so it's only vital that we respect the regulations that come with it. Read article...
10.05.2019 United Arab Emirates
UAE Cabinet to remove job title demand when sponsoring relatives
Foreign workers will be allowed to sponsor family members based on income rather than profession under the latest changes to the UAE’s residency rules. The UAE Cabinet yesterday said the decision is aimed at “enhancing family stability of foreign workers and social cohesion, as well as attracting highly skilled workers”. At present, a resident can sponsor family members if they meet certain criteria, including a “managerial” title. Read article...
01.04.2019 United Arab Emirates
The Dubai International Financial Centre has invited its clients to nominate people for the new long-term residency visas, approved by the UAE Cabinet last year, in one of the first signs of the reforms coming into effect. In an email sent on Wednesday to the more than 2,000 entities registered within the free zone, the DIFC asked senior executives to identify and nominate individuals within their organisations who are eligible as “investors, entrepreneurs, high calibre and outstanding individuals” Read article...
30.03.2019 United Arab Emirates
Equal UAE public holidays a 'big leap' forward, recruiters say
This year and the next, each UAE worker will be entitled to 14 public holidays regardless of their employer. The UAE’s decision to standardise public and private sector holidays represented “a big leap forward”, recruiters said on Wednesday. Most employment firms welcomed this week’s announcement, designed in part to encourage more Emiratis to consider joining the private sector. Read article...
06.03.2019 United Arab Emirates
Ensuring A Healthy Financial Future
Even two years after the introduction of the Federal Bankruptcy Law, UAE is still witnessing some entrepreneurs exit the country to avoid debt repayment. Smart SMB interviews some experts to find out what can SMEs do to avoid such situations and secure themselves financially. In September 2016, when the UAE Federal Bankruptcy Law was introduced, it came as a breath of fresh air because those were the days when entrepreneurs would leave the country abruptly to avoid debt repayments. Read article...
18.02.2019 United Arab Emirates
Labour Law Workshop Invitation
Join our employment law breakfast seminar series. Learn how to make offer letters and contracts work from the start on Monday, 4 February 2019, 8-10 am in cooperation with Meyer-Reumann & Partners and OLAM Group, Read article...
29.01.2019 United Arab Emirates
How tourists can get VAT refund
From now, tourists visiting the UAE will be able to claim a refund on the tax they pay while shopping. So here’s how you can get your five per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) back. First, you can only claim a refund if you live outside the GCC. Read article...
19.11.2018 United Arab Emirates
Update: No approval needed for regular medicines
Dubai: Residents and tourists travelling to the UAE do not need prior approval to carry regular medicines for personal use, the Ministry of Health and Prevention has clarified on its website, laying to rest several queries that had arisen due to the ministry spokesperson’s earlier statements, Read article...
03.11.2018 United Arab Emirates
New visa rules for UAE visitors from October 21
Abu Dhabi: A new visa system that will extend the residency period for widows, divorcees and their children without a sponsor, for a period of one year from the date of death or divorce, will come into effect soon. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship said on Wednesday that visit and tourist visas will also be extended without the need to leave the country, Read article...
18.10.2018 United Arab Emirates
Low cost insurance system for employees comes into effect
Abu Dhabi: A new low cost insurance system providing coverage of Dh20,000 for employees officially came into effect on Monday. Announced back in June by the UAE Cabinet, the new policy replaces the compulsory Dh3,000 bank guarantee that companies had to spend for employees. As part of the new move, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) will start refunding bank guarantees to employers worth up to Dh14 billion in total. Read article...
17.10.2018 United Arab Emirates
Approval needed for personal use medicines
Dubai: All tourists and residents of UAE will now be required to fill in an electronic form to get approval to carry any kind of medication for personal use, said a top Ministry of Health and Prevention official. The Import of Personal Medication service was launched at Gitex 2018. Travellers now required to fill in electronic form to get approval to carry medication, Read article...
16.10.2018 United Arab Emirates
Legal Forum 2018 – FOR FREE
Fur ClubMitglieder, einmal im Jahr richtet der German Emirates Club ein Legal Forum aus um Sie, liebe ClubMitglieder, zu bedeutenden rechtlichen Themen und über Gesetzesänderungen zu informieren. Read article...
08.10.2018 United Arab Emirates
All you need to know about UAE amnesty 2018: Eligibility, procedure, where to do it, fees and visas
How to make use of the amnesty for residency law violators, announced by the UAE Government, The amnesty announced by the UAE Government for residency law violators started on Wednesday. Amnesty seekers can escape legal action, including a fine, by either leaving the country or regularising their status from Wednesday, August 1, until October 31. Read article...
01.08.2018 United Arab Emirates
Cabinet approves VAT cash back for tourists visiting UAE
Tourists will be able to claim VAT back on goods bought in the UAE starting from later this year. The UAE Cabinet approved a plan to create a refund system for tourists on Wednesday. The tax refund system is designed to support the growth of the UAE’s tourism sector, according to a statement on Wam, the UAE’s state news agency. Read article...
15.07.2018 United Arab Emirates
UAE signs Multilateral Instrument
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed the Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (Multilateral Instrument or MLI). Earlier this year, the UAE was removed from the European Union's list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. The signing of the MLI by the UAE on June 27, 2018 will reinforce its position as a cooperative and transparent jurisdiction. Read article...
10.07.2018 United Arab Emirates
Hamdan orders no increase in Dubai government fees for the next three years
Investors and analysts cheer decision to freeze government fees, move seen boosting economic growth and private investments.Dubai government fees will not be hiked over the next three years. The move is in line with the directives of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Read article...
25.06.2018 United Arab Emirates
Lower municipality fees to benefit hotels
Move to discount fees 30% aimed at spurring Dubai’s tourism and hospitality sectors. Dubai Municipality has confirmed that it will implement the government’s decision to cut 30 per cent of municipality fee applicable in hotels and certain other hospitality firms from July 1. Fine dining, hotel stays, and all other hotel services will be cheaper in Dubai from next month. Read article...
23.06.2018 United Arab Emirates
New UAE labour insurance policy protects expat workers from job loss
The initiative will ensure gratuity, holiday and notice period payments are made if an employer is unable to meet them. Payouts on the Dh60 insurance policy are capped at Dh20,000 making them more beneficial for low-income workers. New UAE legislation that replaces bank guarantees for private sector labour recruitment with a low-cost insurance policy will reduce costs for employers and offer better protection to vulnerable low-income expat employees. Read article...
20.06.2018 United Arab Emirates
Dubai Land Department to enable fully-digitised real estate transactions
The Dubai Land Department is creating a ‘smart’ digitised platform that will eliminate the need for paper documentation of sales and rental transactions and other conveyancing by 2020, it said on Monday. “By removing many traditional limitations in the real estate transaction process, the smart real estate system allows landlords to trade and sell their properties anytime and from anywhere in the world,” said DLD director general Sultan bin Mejren in a statement. Read article...
30.05.2018 United Arab Emirates
New UAE student visa will give families relief, says official
Dubai: The new long-term visa for students in the UAE will have a positive social impact, besides making the country a more attractive destination for foreign students and universities, a senior official said. In an interview, Mohammad Abdullah, managing director of Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), said the five-year residence visa for students will bring an added sense of security and stability to youth and their families. Read article...
27.05.2018 United Arab Emirates
UAE's new visa regulations: what we know
Cabinet decision paves the way for long-term stays and seemingly means companies based outside of free zones to no longer require an Emirati partner. Major changes to the way expats are employed, their legal residency status and the ability for foreign companies to be owned without a local partner were outlined on Sunday night.The decision by the UAE Cabinet could have far reaching consequences - but raises many complex questions. Read article...
23.05.2018 United Arab Emirates
Trademark Protection and Registration in the UAE
Awareness of the importance to protect trademarks is continuously growing all over the globe due to the enormous losses sustained by the industrial countries because of the spread of counterfeit trademarks and products. This requires a permanent effort for fighting counterfeit or infringement the trademarks. Therefore, it is a necessity to be continuously on the lookout over all industrial property legislation worldwide to achieve optimal success in IP-Protection. Read article...
07.05.2018 United Arab Emirates
As Ramadan moves into prime tourist season, Dubai's relaxed licensing rules offer boost for businesses
Authorities allow establishments to serve alcohol and food during the day after success in trials, Many bars and restaurants in Dubai will be allowed to to sell food and alcohol during the day this Ramadan. The city's tourism authority said there is a need to "strike the balance" to ensure residents and tourists are catered for while ensuring there is respect given to those fasting and observing the Holy Month. Read article...
01.05.2018 United Arab Emirates

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