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Abu Dhabi Department of Energy to provide instant licensing services
Published: 28.07.2019 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority will provide instant licensing services through the emirate's government system 'Tamm' as the capital seeks to increase the ease of doing business.
Eligible businesses in Abu Dhabi will receive free two-year licences, which will be issued within one working day, the department said on Saturday.
The venture aims to provide fast and effective services to small-sized energy companies in Abu Dhabi.
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"This new facility aligns with Abu Dhabi’s strategic direction by increasing the ease of obtaining licences and by creating an environment conducive to conducting business," said Hamad Al Ameri, head of licensing and compliance at the energy department.

The move comes amid economic reforms aimed at attracting foreign investors, creating jobs and boosting the country's competitiveness.

The UAE has allowed 100 per cent foreign ownership of companies in 13 sectors from manufacturing to renewable energy, eased visa restrictions and slashed government service fees.

The new service is in line with Abu Dhabi's 'Ghadan 21' programme, a three-year, Dh50 billion stimulus package that is supporting the private sector by providing efficient government services, said Mohamed Al Askar, director the digital authority.

Licence types cover activities such as water production, treatment and desalination, electricity generation and wastewater collection, among others.

The department recommends strategic and execution plans for the energy sector in the UAE, specifically those that include oil and gas, water and electricity, sewerage and district cooling, and clean energy sources.
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