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ATTN: A New Law Now Means Getting Your Alcohol License Is Easier Than Ever
Published: 10.05.2019 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
As you all may know, it is an offence and a violation to purchase, transport, and keep alcohol, as a resident in Dubai without a valid alcohol license. The laws about drinking liquor in Dubai are pretty straightforward, justified and fair. After all, we've all chosen to come and live in this beautiful city, and in a Muslim country- so it's only vital that we respect the regulations that come with it. Being a law-abiding resident means you never have to worry about getting into trouble AND with the new laws that have just come up, obtaining it has never been easier. UAE Alcohol License|Meyer-Reumann
To obtain the license- this is ALL you need to do
Previously, obtaining one's alcohol license meant needing an NOC letter from either your dad, hubby or boss, proof of where you live and a salary certificate showing earnings beyond AED3000.
But no no, not anymore.

Now all you need to submit is copies of your Emirates ID, visa, AND passport. Plus a passport photo.
Submitting a copy of your tenancy contract is now only optional. Oh yeah, the basic documents are now all you need. And of course, you need to be non-Muslim and over the age of 21 (duh!) It doesn't end there, the monthly limits that used to come with the Alcohol License now allows customers to set their own limits.

Applying for an alcohol license is cheaper, safer and will make your Dubai life more fun
...knowing you're not going to get in trouble. For only AED270, you can apply through this website- hol' up, you won't lose any of that amount. Know why? Because you'll get it back in the form of vouchers. That's right, thanks African + Eastern.

Register online, wait three weeks and BOOM!
Once your application has been approved, you're all SET and ready to go. This website is all you need to a more stress-free and chill vida.
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