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Some legal disputes require a settlement in courts or arbitration institutions. In a country like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this involves not only a high amount of legal qualification and litigation experience, but also a very high level of cultural sensitivity.

Meyer-Reumann & Partners maintains a standing association with local lawyers in Saudi-Arabia in order to provide reliable and continuous litigation support to clients. Our local partners are licensed to appear before all Saudi courts as well all the other settlement institution in the Kingdom.

Ensuring short ways of communication and the close team work of our Riyadh office staff, we will be able to take care of your case in Saudi-Arabia right to the court stage and communicate about its proceedings and results in Arabic, English and German. Due to the highly developed cultural sensitivity of our Saudi team, we will also take care, to advise you about the cultural impact of a litigation endeavor, as a case might be won in litigation, but a valuable business relation might be lost this way.