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   Terms & Conditions

Meyer-Reumann & Partners (“M&P”), is providing legal services in the Middle East directly and/or with associates in the area under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Each mandate shall be considered as a new agreement and shall separately be subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. Each mandate shall be considered as being agreed by way of reference, if and when M&P or one of its regional offices or associates (jointly referred to herein as M&P), has been instructed or requested to provide some legal advice or legal actions and/or if and when M&P with the knowledge of the Client or his representative starts to provide legal services.
  3. The legal services may be rendered by a Partner Lawyer, Senior Lawyer, Lawyer, Paralegal or an associate at M&P’s discretion. “Partner Lawyer(s)” are the owner(s) or co-owner(s) or non-equity partner of M&P duly appointed as such. “Senior Lawyer(s) ” are graduated lawyers handling cases on their own and duly appointed as such. “Lawyers ” are all lawyers of M&P, who are not Partner Lawyers or Senior Lawyers. " Paralegal(s)" are legally trained employees, who are assisting or co- operating with a lawyer in charge. Internal brainstorming, discussions and/or joint meetings are charged by one lawyer only or pro rata per head, unless required otherwise by the case or expressly requested by the Client.
  4. All trips outside the domicile of the respective M&P office are to be coordinated with the Client. Travelling days are counting as 8 (eight) hours/day or pro rata or the actual number of hours worked, whatever is more.
  5. The head office of M&P authorized to invoice all clients for all services of the M&P and involved associates and to collect the invoiced amount on their behalf. One invoice may include the services of more than one member of the M&P or associates involved the subject matter.
  6. Retainer Agreements, governing continuous general legal advice as well as specified mandates at special rates are available on request.

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