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Meyer-Reumann & Partners’ team of experienced lawyers who specialize in Intellectual property have a proven track record in providing legal advice on protection of intellectual property rights in the Middle East.

Intellectual Property Rights are valuable assets which need to be protected. Many Middle East countries are not member of the relevant international UN-conventions for Intellectual Property Laws and therefore having a strong legal team aids in ensuring your assets are protected.

Meyer-Reumann & Partners’ services include:

  • Trademark and patent researches in the Middle East.
  • Registration of trademarks at the UAE-Ministry of Economy and/or the Customs Authority.
  • Corresponding with the competent authorities in the Middle East and including a “deadline watch”.
  • Registration of patents and patent designs in the Middle East (including
    deadline advising service).
  • Renewal and changing of particulars of trademarks, patents and patent designs.

Client Success Story:

Messe Frankfurt is organizer of the world’s largest trade fair and a client Meyer-Reumann & Partners is proud to advise.

We provide strategic legal advice to their in-house legal counsel alongside their exhibitors at their events on preventing infringement and how to deal with it if it happens during exhibitions.

Labour relations are at the core of every economy. We believe that they should be transparent and in accordance with all the rules and regulations of the applicable jurisdictions. Labour relations are the foundation of the success of an enterprise and encourage team members to strive in order to achieve.

Meyer-Reumann & Partners advises clients with great care and sensitivity in their labour issues. We draft labour contracts and ensure that the best personnel is assigned to you and your matter is dealt with in the best possible manner.

Our continued track-record of successfully resolving labour related disputes has given us an oversight of common issues. This enables us to advise our clients on the most effective strategies on shaping their labour relations in different jurisdictions and beyond national borders. Our team of lawyers treat each client with confidence in understanding their position in their labour dispute, whether an employer or employee.

For the majority of companies, the establishment of a legal presence in the Middle East is the key to their commercial operations throughout the region. Our multi-jurisdiction services offered to our clients enables us to offer a multitude of different options to our clients, including; Free Zones, onshore or mainland, and an array of customized setups depending on the client’s requirements.

Our matured experience of being present in the region before the first Free Zones and first company laws were introduced, Meyer-Reumann & Partners helps its clients navigate their way to the optimum legal setup and structure for their company.

Our service goes beyond the incorporation of entities. We are proud to advise and assist our clients on an ongoing basis whether it is in relation to mergers and acquisitions, restructuring or simple corporate housekeeping and keep our clients operational in an often challenging regulatory environment.

Meyer-Reumann & Partners has a qualified team of real estate lawyers to help clients with comprehensive commercial solutions ranging from court proceedings to coordinating real estate transactions with the Land Department. This includes:

  • Seller / Buyer Representation;
  • Landlord / Tenant Representation;
  • Disputes with developers and reversal of real estate transactions;
  • Residential property purchases or sales in completed properties or “off plan” properties;
  • Commercial leases and related ancillary documentation;
  • Landlord and tenant laws in Dubai;
  • Ownership Transfer.

We ensure our clients transactions are completed with full protection in mind thus ensuring all of the documents required for the legal and governmental procedures and the various governmental approvals required in relation to the Real Estate and/or Property transaction are completed.

One of the most important decisions you can make for yourself and your family is having a will. Not only can a will legally protect your spouse, children, and assets, it can also act as a guide outlining exactly how you would like things handled after you have passed on.

Our team of specialist lawyers can professionally draft your will for you or aid you in reviewing your will as it stands. Our lawyers can also discuss your options in an inheritance case.

Meyer-Reumann & Partners’ lawyers have been trained, licensed and registered as DIFC Wills Draftsmen. This enables us to professionally handle the entire process in multiple jurisdictions and several languages including English, German, Arabic and Italian.

Whilst each person’s situation varies, don’t leave anything to chance – speak to a specialist today.

Family law is designed to accommodate for a wide spectrum of situations and paths out to protect the rights and responsibilities of family members. It is a framework that provides a basis for achieving fair and equitable results for all family members involved, whether adults or children

Meyer-Reumann & Partners has a long and outstanding history of helping in these matters. Reliable legal advice from our experts is coupled with sensitivity and care for all those involved.

English, German, Arabic and Italian are a few of the languages we can provide family related legal advice to you in. Our dynamic team of family lawyers put you first in all family law related matters.

Successful commercial arrangements require sound legal advice, which takes into account all relevant local laws and regulations. Whilst it may seem that doing business in the Middle East is similar to doing business elsewhere, there are important laws and procedures that business owners need to be aware of.

At Meyer-Reumann & Partners, we believe that it takes more than just a lawyer to advise and act on commercial matters. Our Commercial Law experts have in-depth knowledge and understanding of business and commerce alongside local culture.

On a regular basis, we are the bridge between our European clients and their local partners and advise our clients not only on legal matters but also on strategies that consider local customs and traditions enabling our clients to build truly long-lasting and commercially successful relationships.

Meyer-Reumann & Partners is an approved registered offshore agent with the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) and RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC), enabling us to help you with your offshore or Free Zone related requirements.

Benefits of a UAE based offshore company:

  • 0% corporate and personal tax;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits;
  • Some of activites allowed: Asset holding, international trading, consultancy activities;
  • No public register of company officers;
  • Complete anonymity and privacy;
  • Owning real estate properties on approved areas by the Authority;
  • Hold multi-currency bank accounts;
  • No onshore office and no employees and related costs;
  • Only minimum capital is required;
  • Regulations free from ambiguity which meet international best practices and standards;
  • Simple and fast procedures;
  • UAE is a “white listed” jurisdiction with OECD/FATF.

Based on our longstanding experience in the Laws of the GCC and the strong and trusted cooperation with our local lawyers in Saudi Arabia, we are able to advise, support and protect our clients in all relevant legal matters. Our associates are licensed to appear before all Saudi courts as well as all the other settlement institution in the Kingdom. The outcome will be communicated to you in your preferred language of either Arabic, English or German.

Certain legal disputes require a settlement in courts or arbitration institutions. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this involves not only a high amount of legal qualification and litigation experience but also a very high level of cultural sensitivity.

Given the highly developed cultural sensitivity of our Saudi team, we advise beyond just legal matters. As a client, we will always protect your interests and will always provide advice on any cultural or social impact your case may have on you.

As a global law firm with client satisfaction at our core, we position ourself in the heart of business hubs to best service our clients. Egypt has become a regional centre of business and investment for many of our clients and with high valued transactions taking place daily, disputes are common.

Our strong association with local lawyers in Egypt allows us to provide legal services to local and international clients requiring legal services in Egypt. All our associations uphold our commitment of confidential legal services conducted in a professional manner whilst maintaining an unsurpassed level of client satisfaction.

Proudly looking back on over 30 years of German legal consultancy in the Middle East. Rolf Meyer-Reumann, the Founding Partner, practiced as a lawyer in the Gulf Region since 1981. He was the first German lawyer practicing law in Saudi Arabia in 1981, to establish a legal office in Dubai in 1989, to open a branch in Erbil, Kurdistan in 2008, to open a branch in Alexandria and to get a license for a fully foreign owned company for legal services in Oman in 2009.

The firm offers a wide range of services handled by German Lawyers throughout its offices in the Middle East and North Africa including Dubai and Riyadh. German speaking clients are most welcome to approach Meyer-Reumann & Partners in their native language and will find tailor made legal solutions to their questions and queries. Offering a wide range of professional legal services ranging from Corporate, Commercial, Labor, Intellectual Property or Real Estate Law.

Our German Desk team bring with them vast experience in the region and a deep cultural understanding, advantaging our clients beyond just solving legal issues. We advise our clients on successfully bridging cultural differences that in many cases may be as important to ensure the success of a legal endeavor in the region.

Our team of highly qualified German legal consultants have active admissions in the German bar allowing us to offer profound and strategic legal advice.

Our Italian Desk is one of the oldest and most successful Italian legal consultancies in the Middle East. A specialist team of Italian speaking lawyers has allowed us to build a strong reputation within the Italian demographic in the Middle East, offering a wide range of professional legal services to investors and companies.

Our expertise is based on the international experience of our lawyers and consultants and their up-to-date knowledge of the laws within the Middle East. We combine international standards with deep local knowledge to ensure our clients get the best legal advice for their matters. Our legal areas of expertise include:

  • Corporate and Commercial Law;
  • Intellectual Property Law;
  • Real Estate Law;
  • Public Procurement and Tender Law;
  • Inheritance law;
  • Arbitration and Litigation.

The variety of our clientele proves our capacity to provide a tailor-made consultancy based on the needs of each client. The Italian Desk advises medium to large size companies, multinational corporations, investors and Italian Public Authorities. We are the ideal partner for Middle Eastern Investors willing to do business in Italy through our extensive network of Italian law firms.

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