Visa options for investors in the UAE

Types of visas available for investors in the UAE:

  • Investor/Partner Visa, which will be issued for a shareholder of a UAE company (free zone and onshore companies) for a period of three years until the visa has to be renewed. These kinds of visas are able to sponsor dependents (e.g. spouses and children).
  • Property Visa, which will be issued for the owners of a UAE property in certain areas and for a certain minimum purchase price.
  • Golden Visa, which will be issued for an investor, whom invests a minimum of AED 10 Mio into the UAE (e.g. real estate, companies and/or investment funds). Currently, the conditions for this visa are, that
  1. the invested amount does not be on a loan, that
  2. the investment should be retained in the UAE for at least three years and that
  3. there should be financial solvency of up to AED 10 million.

Promotion of a “livelong” visa for an Investor/Partner Visa:
Currently, the (free zone) authorities in the UAE (e.g. IFZA) promoting the “livelong” visa for an Investor and/or Partner visa, which allows the foreign investors to cut the costs of the visa by more than 2/3. So that the applicant/renewer only have to pay for the medical test and the Emirates ID application. If you think about to invest and open a business in the UAE, you can benefit from this opportunity and secure you a “livelong” saving.

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Author: Verena Nosko

Senior Lawyer