Obtaining a residency visa in Dubai, UAE through a property purchase

Guiding Principle

All non GCC nationals who wish to reside in the UAE require a UAE residency visa. The Dubai government has recently launched several decrees regarding obtaining residency visa through a property, which makes it easier for investors to obtain long-term residency visa to live in Dubai with the easiest procedures.

Here’s some useful information on the visa rules that will mutually benefit the Dubai property investors. Types of Visas you can choose from:
  • 1 year residence visa;
  • 3 years residence visa;
  • 5 years long term residence visa;
  • 10 years long term residence visa.

What are the requirements in order to get a residency visa?

First and foremost, it must be a residential property, not a commercial. Only the residential property enables you to get residency visa. This type of property can only be purchased in areas, where an ownership of a freehold property for foreigners is allowed.
Additionally, the construction of a property must be completed. Units which are still under construction, regardless of its final value after construction, do not grant the right to receive residency visa until the construction is completed.

What documents are required?

Following documents are required to obtain this type of visa:
  • Title Deed;
  • Passport copy of the property owner;
  • Current visa copy (tourist or visit);
  • Photographs (passport size); 
  • Health insurance in the United Arab Emirates for the period you are requesting to obtain a visa.

Meyer -Reumann & Partners provides a comprehensive residency visa service, assisting clients wanting to obtain a residency visa in Dubai through a property purchase and coordinating the entire Dubai residency visa process.

If you would like to get more information about Dubai residency visas, including UAE visa requirements and registration, please do not hesitate to contact either our office (dubai@meyer-reumann.com) or directly to Mr. Tarek Jairwdeh (tarek@meyer-reumann.com).


Author: Tarek Jairwdeh

Senior Lawyer