Sugary drinks, e-cigarettes to cost more in UAE from December 1

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Animal abuse is among several offences that will now be punished with fines rather than through the courts. The UAE Attorney General identified 28 minor crimes previously brought before judges that will now incur a cash penalty.

The move is intended to speed up procedures and take the pressure off the country’s judicial system. The criminal order, issued this month by Dr Hamad Al Shamsi, will apply to all emirates except Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, which issue their own.

The FTA added that according to two Cabinet decisions and the Ministry of Finance, all producers, importers and stockpilers of e-smoking devices and its liquids, and sweetened drinks should register in the authority’s system if they haven’t until now.

The authority stressed that establishment may face fines and be penalised if they happen to not complete their registration processes.

Aforementioned establishments have to:
– Register their business for Excise Tax in case they didn’t yet.
– Register all Excise Goods they supply that are included in the Decision in order to avoid any obstacles in importing or violations that may result from late registration.

What are electronic smoking devices, tools?
– All electronic smoking devices and tools, whether or not they contain nicotine or tobacco, which would be classified on import under Customs HS codes:
– 85437031, 85437032, 85437039
– All liquids used in electronic smoking devices and tools and the like, whether or not they contain nicotine according to the Customs HS codes 38249999.

What are sweetened drinks?
Any product to which a source of sugar or sweetener is added and is produced as a ready-to-drink beverage.
Also includes concentrates, gels, powders, extracts, or any other product that can be converted into a sweetened drink.
– Sugar includes any type of sugar determined under Standard 148 of the GCC Standardisation Organisation as ‘sugar’ and any subsequent relevant standards.
– Sweeteners include any type of sweeteners determined under Standard 995 of the GCC Standardisation Organisation as ‘sweeteners authorised for use in food products’ and any subsequent relevant standards.

Source: The National – UAE